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We can manage all or part of your online needs

domain names

web design north cornwall


Domain names are a relatively inexpensive but important part of the process of building a site. For some clients we want to build in search terms, for most we want to get your company name. If you already have a domain it's a simple procedure to point to your new site. If you don't have one yet you can purchase yourself or let us do it for you


web design north cornwall

Storing your website

We offer hosting on our VPS this gives you a personal webspace that is strong, robust and able to cope with a well designed site with modern features. We are constantly monitoring our servers and will keep you updated and backed up as part of our service. Hosting with us costs £140 per year.


web design north cornwall


If you require email as part of your online needs we can set up addresses and make sure they are compliant with best current usage. We hold emails on the server and give you details of how to set them on your devices. Email set up from £40 per year.

Web Design North Cornwall

We Have Been working in Web Design North Cornwall for over 10 years

We use Wordpress for nearly all of our projects. This allows sites to grow and update with your business. By choosing us to manage and build your online presence we can develop a good working practice that fits with your needs and budget.

We can integrate social media onto your site, allowing easy updates by you through instagram, facebook or twitter. We can give you access to the site if you want to add posts about your business.

We have worked with lots of different businesses and have good skills in translating your ethos and style into a high quality product you will be proud of 

A timeline of Web Design

Initial Meeting


At the initial meeting we discuss the needs and requirements and estimate the final cost and delivery date.

We then set up domain, server and webspace ready to work



We work out with you how best to lead the user to the goal you want. We work out what navigation is required and how many pages are best needed to fulfil that. Perhaps you want your users to use a contact form, phone you, or buy from you online.



We work with you to develop text, images, and content, whether you have them in house or would like us to help we can supply stock images or use our camera. We have skills in copywriting to enable compelling text to lead to your goals.

Final Reviews


When your site is fully populated we are ready for final reviews and in depth checking and testing. When all this is complete we are ready for the final processes



We look at search engine optimisation, page speed loads, email integration and any social media requirements, Search engines are notified and then your clients are ready to see the final product

How much is a new web design likely to be?

Easily estimate the cost of a project



Thanks, we will contact you soon

Hosting and Domain Purchase

Do you require a domain name and hosting?

We find you a domain name and point it to our server for hosting your site. (yearly cost)

you supply the domain name and we host your site on our server (yearly cost)

We install our software on your existing server if capable (install fee)

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Type of site required

What do you need from a website?

web design bude

A simple contact page for a business to allow people to get in touch.

web design north cornwall

Do you need multiple pages to explain the different products you offer?

web design north cornwall

If you are going to write posts about your business use this style to showcase

photographer bude

featuring full size imagery and multiple portfolios

Sell your products online

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Design addons

Creative additions to your online presence

branding bude

We work on branding and colour scheme

video production bude

We supply video to add in to your site in multiple ways

photography bude

We come and photograph your products, business and personnel as required

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Social Media

Integrate social media to share news, products and increase SEO

web media bude

integrate facebook for latest posts and ecommerce through facebook store

lee robertson web design

for when images are important, add an instagram feed to a page

bude web designer

a great way to show your interaction with clients

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Final cost

The estimated price is :


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

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