Riley RMF on Bodmin Moor

This short about a Riley RMF was made for Apex Aerial Imaging to show their skill in aerial photography. The location was the airfield at Davidstow and near Advent Chapel close to Roughtor on Bodmin Moor. We used a Riley RMF owned by a local surfer and had a lovely afternoon in the spring sunshine on the moor.

Riley RMF

The Riley RM series were built as executive cars between 1945 and 1955. The Riley RMF was the replacement for the RMB in 1952 with a bigger 2.5 L Big Four engine.
It was a beautiful car to drive in and sounded beautiful as it purred sedately up the steep inclines of Bodmin Moor. The smell of wood, old leather and fuel, and the sounds of an old 4 cylinder and the tarmac rolling off the tyres was intoxicating. In the distance across the Cornish stone hedging I could see the coast, resplendent in blues and gold from the setting sun.

A good day filming.

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