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A new website for surfboard shaper Chris Hartop and BandWagon surfboards

Custom Surfboards website

Chris required a new website to promote BandWagon Surfboards. These are custom hand shaped surfboards from start to finish, and are beautiful examples of the surfboard art.

We went for a one page (mostly) and upside down configuration. (The footer bar holds most of the important information.)

The design was chosen to be white and shades of grey. But mix that up with a bold header font and let the images with all the myriads of colours stand out on the page and the site becomes a bit more creative and anarchistic.

I built a custom price estimator, this works like a flow chart to give the client an idea of how much his new board might cost him.

A web presence for an artisan like Chris required the viewer to see and understand his work, get an idea of the costs and be driven to communicate. We think this surfboards website does a good job in all of those.

We also inserted a gallery to show some full size pictures without clogging up the site, and we use an instagram feed so that visitors can see a constantly updating visual news about the business.

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BandWagon Surfboards

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