Boscastle & Crackington Gig Club

Lee Robertson-7655 2I was asked to take some photos yesterday to help promote the regeneration of Boscastle Harbour. It has been ten years since the terrible flash floods of 2004, but very quickly the community worked hard to recreate a thriving village for locals and visitors. I am a member of the Boscastle & Crackington Gig club, a rowing club that was born in the aftermath of the devastation. They named their first boat ‘Torrent’.

After the flooding that has caused so much hardship across the South West this winter, it might give a some solace that communities can bounce back and regenerate. The community spirit engendered by destruction in this case created a will to rebuild and forge better social adhesion. It has resulted in a great place to live or visit, or like me, be a neighbour.

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Boscastle & Crackington Gig Club Video

I recently created a video for fundraising for the Boscastle and Crackington Gig Rowing Club. It was important to get the message across simply and give viewers a feel of the clubs social and training aspects.

The film was well received at the AGM and the club are well on their way to fulfilling their fundraising objective. If you have need of a video to get your message across get in touch. You will be surprised how affordable it can be to really give your site, social media and your established customers an exciting visual feast they will want to share, getting your message to the people you most want to receive it.

Boscastle & Crackington Gig Club from Lee Robertson on Vimeo.


Moonlight on the Haven

Full moon at the haven always looks stunning with the big cliff and expanse of sand. I took this shot on a cold February night close to midnight. It is a 30 sec exposure at f2.8 I love how the colours are so intense with the long exposure.

lee robertson-7068 twk

Winter 2014

lee robertson-6647The January storms in Cornwall have been well documented, this is my take on them from a recce I did for a summer season fashion shoot. It was pretty windy, and dangerous close to the sea.

Walking the coastline was fairly epic and some of the sights that day were really memorable.

Newquay, Trevose, Hartland and Speke’s Mill

Lee Robertson PhotographyLee Robertson Photographylee robertson-6611Lee Robertson Photography

Lee Robertson Photography

Autumn Sunrise

An amazing dawn. Cloud formations in the west really picked up the rising sun across the sky.

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Lee RobertsonSpring seemed to be taking ages coming this year, and then on Saturday morning we awoke to clear skies, a warm sharp morning and a reasonable swell running. Needless to say there was smiles and excitement all round. I caught these two cats loading up the vehicles on the vehicles. Unfortunately I left the lens on manual focus, and with the backlit scene I was hoping the camera was going to focus for me. After looking at the pics I am not too worried they aren’t sharp. I wear glasses- and sometimes I like to take my glasses off and be a bit unfocussed.

Storm over Andalusia

I have spent a bit of time in the south of Spain recently. One night I returned back to where I was staying to see this beautiful light over the rooftops. A storm had just passed, the wind dropped, and a heady scent of night flowers and wet roads began to permeate the air.lee robertson