With a new year why not think about a new website? This year I am going to be concentrating on open plan sites that scroll rather than have multiple pages.

By using a new system in wordpress I am building sites that work a lot like how we read. It is similar to how a good piece of journalism is constructed with the main point of the page above the fold and then as we work down the page more information and more concentrated information is delivered.

Have a look at my new site for barbarycoast to see it in action.

This style of site takes a little longer to do and can be wrong for some businesses, but if you have a lot of information you want to deliver, and need to keep the interest high then this is for you.

Prices from about £750.barbarycoast screen shot

Using embedded video

Adding embedded video to a website is great way to enhance your business, and can give information quickly, easily and directly without lots of text and images.
Video shows your client, and google that you are serious about your business. Films take time to create and are now an important marker when search engines look for quality on pages.

YouTube is one of the easiest and because Google owns the service many people think that is the best way to get noticed in the google listings. However it is not that simple. If you have a stand alone web site you would rather reach out to your customers with rather than your youtube account then you should consider other methods.

This video uses a popover, it is a great medium for websites with plenty of information that would rather not have their page interrupted with a large video box, or not allow the viewer to see the screen if the image is too small. The popover allows the video to be seen over your page, and allows your client to choose what is important to him on the page.  Click on the video to see it in action.

If you have an idea for a video you want for your website, get in touch. I can produce, direct and deliver high quality video for your business, and help you get it looking great on your website.

An embedded video on your site need not cost a huge amount, and from a small scale one person shoot to multiple camera we can make an exciting video your customers will love.

Web design Snails Pace Cafe

web design snails pace cafe

web design Snails Pace Cafe, Wenfordbridge near Bodmin.

A few months ago we found ourselves at Wenfordbridge near Bodmin hoping to hire bikes to cycle the camel trail. We found a really great cafe to hire from. It was a self built eco construction using timber and a shipping container; light airy and with a great menu full of organic and homemade produce. The bikes were good quality and the route through woodlands and valley was gentle and quiet.

After a great ride to Bodmin and back I saw that the owner -Nick was creating a web page  using a simple free site builder you can get from a hosting platform. I gave him some advice on getting photos sized correctly and left him a card incase the site became a little too inflexible for his vision.

A week or two later I got a call to build a site that was in keeping with their ethos. I really identified with what they were doing and had achieved. Snail’s Pace Cafe is much more than a cafe. Nick and Linzi have a background in ecology, sustainability and good food. The cafe is off grid with a composting loo, and plenty of solar panels. Kids love that the smoothie maker is bicycle powered and there are books and games to keep them entertained. Made from a shipping container and local timbers  in a quiet valley under the moor it is well worth a visit and a lot of fun whether you ride the camel trail or not.

The Snails Pace Cafe

Wenfordbridge, Bodmin


Emily Skerrett Para Dressage

annabel yates photographyI have recently completed a film for Emily Skerrett a local Dressage rider who is busy competing and being a mother with the added difficulties of coping with severe disabilities.

It has been a really interesting project and I have found myself volunteering to help her achieve her goals in Para Dressage and the Paralympics.

I first met Emily at her training stables at Lakefield Equestrian Centre. Although strikingly beautiful and smiling, I could see she was having trouble walking with her sticks and seemed to be in some pain. We slowly walked to the stables to meet her friend and partner Woody and she gave me a brief history of her problems and aspirations. Describing her disabilities was  kept to a minimum,  she became more animated as she talked about her love for competitive riding.

Woody was asleep when we reached the stable, but he soon woke up when he heard Emily’s voice and slowly stood up carefully so as not to brush his owner. His size and strength were really manifest in the stable, and he towered over Emily. A deep chestnut brown, his muscles quivered as I was introduced to him.

Later I watched Emily compete with Woody, the nuances and skills of dressage were a little lost to me. But I was amazed at the cooperation they had. It seemed subliminal and effortless, Woody’s great strength and Emily’s concentration and skill were mesmerising. She seemed freed from her difficulties on horseback. Slim, delicate and in pain on her own, with Woody she became determined, strong and tall.

I finished the film for her, and have been helping set up a fundraising team to get some sponsorship. Once Emily embarks on the next phase of her plans she is going to have to enter several national and at least one international event. The transportation costs alone are very expensive and the funding will go towards this and other competition costs. Being picked for the UK team will allow  sports funding,but in the meantime her team are searching for £10,000 in funds and sponsorship to get her to the competitions.

Emily has Ehlers Danloss Symdrome. It is an inherited condition that affects connective tissue, tendons and bones. She has severe impairment of her right leg, and has constant trouble with dislocations. She has recently had an arm and wrist fusion to help with mobility. Walking is very difficult, she can use sticks but more often has a wheelchair to get around. 


Bude Video -The Cleaner Seas Project

Bude Video Production

I recently completed this video about Bude sea waters for the Cleaner Seas Project.

The project deals with the problem of sea pollution from rivers and streams and hopes to inform the public of steps that individuals, families and local businesses can do to keep our bathing waters as clean as possible.

By filming at first light on beautiful summer days I wanted to instil in the viewer a sense of the peace and tranquility that the coastal areas offer, and also to underline how close the water courses are from residents, visitors and businesses use of water day to day.

Using a small camera on a quad copter from Apex Aerial Imaging it was possible to get a superb shot along the river at first light on a clear early June morning, followed by a breathtaking view as the camera climbed up to see the coast.

Getting the message across in this instance called for some longer interviews, and so by finding very visual areas to film, and using longer takes to intercut with the speakers the film keeps the viewers interest to the call to action in visiting the projects website.

Music is often difficult for short videos and in this film I thought a slow piano piece called Spiegel In Spiegel by Arvo Plant would suit the tempo and vibe. By using music with a creative commons licence it is often possible to find the right mood without causing copyright infringement. If you would like a film for your business, group or project get in touch.

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short film production in cornwall

I made this film for– A local company who needed a short film for their website ready in 48 hrs  for the Royal Cornwall show. I was pleased to get the message across easily. We didn’t have the best weather but the sun shone for a short while and we had fun getting all the facets of the message across.

Embedding a short film

This video uses Wistia, a video hosting service that has high quality and good SEO, there is a small addition to the cost as opposed to YouTube but they have a very good selection of embedding capabilities and an enhanced SEO package to really get you noticed. This embed is called an overpop, so that the film can be seen in a large format but does not take away from the text on the page. Very useful when your film is intrinsic but need not take up full page width.

Wistia like Vimeo has the ability to add a link on the ending frame of the film. In this way a call to action can be included that can link to your contact page or your website if you aim to embed on social media. For sales based websites this can be when you can really use a film to your advantage. Well worth thinking about is how you are going to finish your film and where you want your viewers to be taken.

short film budeFor this short film the client had both bullet points and the text he wanted to get across printed with him. It was really useful to have the message put across free form, but also knowing we were following the written text. I took a second take of the full message, and in this way I was able to edit any mistakes out of the sequences.

By having a clear direction I was able to keep my time to a minimum. The edit ran relatively smoothly and the client was able to have his film embedded on his site for the opening morning of the show. Fast, professional and affordable.

If you are interested in using me for a short film, please get in contact. 

Web designer for Relax@ Spa Bude

web design bude lee robertson

Web designer Relax Spa

I was asked to create a new site for a health spa and beauty treatments centre near Bude. It was a delight to work with the team who had a clear understanding of what was needed, and had some beautiful photo’s and art work already in place.

Relax spa needed a clean functional and easily navigated site that would look stunning on a computer but just as importantly be easy to read on a phone, laptop or TV by the many holidaymakers and visitors to the area.

Social media was also an important area to get right and I created specific images for social sharing to increase the impact when posted on facebook, google+ and twitter.

With SEO being a prime concern it was important to work out key search terms and implement them in the site without detracting from the overall style and clean approach.

If you have need of a web designer or website that really needs to work for you get in touch. I offer a jargon free approach and clearly identify your needs and solutions for excellent web design.

Thank you lee ….we are so pleased with it thanks for all your hard work